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Palmers Green and Southgate are blessed with the presence of one of London's best Blues clubs. Every Friday night St Monica's social club on Cannon Hill is transformed into "St Harmonica's" and plays host to some great musicians, some local, others from further afield, who play for free - the only money they take home is what goes into the collecting hat.

Entry to the club is also free - you just need to pay a membership fee of a mere £2.50 a year.  And prices at the bar are as cheap as they come.

After tonight's Half Term Jam Session the musicians won't be taking home any money at all.  The contents of the hat will be passed on to a notable local charity - the Enfield Refugees Welcome Group.

This is how the Welcome Group describe their mission:

enfield refugees logo

We are a group of Enfield Citizens who want to make sure that Enfield is a welcoming and supportive place for vulnerable refugees. We are a diverse group - with lawyers, teachers, charity workers, childcare experts, retired and committed individuals who just want to make a difference.
We are currently applying for community sponsorship and are in the process of securing housing, funds, ESOL, a community welcome plan and other aspects of resettlement in order to settle (initially one) family of Syrian refugees. We are working with relevant local organisations such as schools, colleges, health providers, churches, mosques and private landlords to provide these refugees with the support they need to integrate successfully into our community. We are supported by Citizen UK’s national refugee welcome programme: Caritas, a Westminster Diocese charity supporting social action, is our charity partner, (a Home Office requirement).

st harmonicas

Coming soon at St Harmonica's and friends

Feb 10          Half-term blues jam
Feb 17          Hill Street Blues Band
Feb 24          Guy Tortora Band
Mar 3            The Low Down Dogs
Mar 10          Mark Harrison Band
Mar 17          Blues Chapter(ish) & Tressel
Mar 24          The Hokum Blues Band
Mar 31          The Cadillac Kings
Apr 7             Easter Blues Jam
Apr 14           CLOSED
Apr 21           Blues Chapter
Apr 28           The John Edmonds Band

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PGC Webmaster posted a reply #2753 15 Feb 2017 23:20
Enfield Refugees Welcome have now raised enough money to apply to take in a Syrian refugee family - see this article in the local press:§ionIs=news&searchyear=2017