pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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palmers bling posterIn the run-up to Christmas the 'Palmers Bling' charity shop is running a free raffle for adults and a drawing competition for children aged 16 or below. 'Palmers Bling' refers to the RSPCA charity shop at 389 Green Lanes, so called because the items on sale there include a large selection of costume jewellery.

To get a free raffle ticket you need to buy or donate an item in the shop between now and Friday 16th December; the draw will be held in the shop the following afternoon. Entries to the children's drawing competition must be submitted by a person over 18 on behalf of a young person aged up to 16 - no purchase or donation required.

Raffle winners will receive a £5 voucher for RSPCA charity shops - 28 in all. The first eight winners drawn will also receive a bag of assorted sweets and gifts.

To enter the drawing competition, children should design a poster showing how to keep pets safe at Christmas time. The deadline for entry is 1.30pm on Friday 16th December. The prizes will be bags of assorted sweets and gifts plus a £5 voucher.

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