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enfield council logoEnfield Council is proposing to renew for a further three years the public spaces protection orders that it introduced in 2018. PSPOs are designed "to stop individuals or groups of people committing anti-social behaviour in a public space".

The PSPOs come in the following categories:

  • Control of alcohol consumption
  • Vehicle Cruising - to include speeding, driving in convoy, racing, performing stunts, sounding horns and revving engines as to cause a nuisance, and wheel spins
  • Riding of mopeds to cause alarm etc
  • Holding or throwing of fireworks in a public place
  • Dog controls
  • Persons loitering in Council housing blocks and on estates
  • lntimidatory begging
  • Persons windscreen washing/selling goods)
  • Prostitution
  • Smoking in enclosed playgrounds
  • Motor vehicles deposited on Council land or land adjoining the highway for an unreasonable period of time.
  • Persons loitering causing, or reasonably perceived to be causing, intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress and/or using or dealing drugs

The consultation document gives more details of what behaviour falls into these categories and which particular geographical areas it would be prohibited in.

The consultation ends on 18th January.

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