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Georgia Elliot-Smith, an Enfield resident and leading campaigner against the planned Edmonton incinerator, has instigated related legal proceedings against the UK Government and Devolved Administrations. The case will be led by the same QC who won last year’s Heathrow 3rd runway case for Friends of the Earth.

It’s inevitably complex, but post Brexit the UK will be setting its own key policies en route to the 2050 net zero requirement of the Paris Agreement. Despite being “a substantial proportion of the UK’s total CO2 emissions”, incinerators are being excluded from the UK’s approach. Georgia is challenging that and in doing so also challenging the government’s approach which focuses on 2050 to the exclusion of the short and medium terms, so ignoring the requirement that developed nations are deemed as having to do more than their share in early days to ensure everyone on Earth doesn’t overcook in later years.

If only HMG made the same efforts to help remove unnecessary waste altogether and drive through product recycling with the same focus, level of intent and of course investment, then mass incineration wouldn’t even be an issue.

It’s not free for her and there is more detail of the case and a chance to financially assist her efforts at the link below.

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Georgia Elliot-Smith's crowdfunding appeal has now received pledges from 369 people totalling £12,565. She is now working towards a stretch target of £30,000.

Yesterday the Guardian carried an article about Georgia's case written by its environment correspondent.

And on Saturday there will be a pop-up protest outside Edmonton Green station at 11am , organised by Extinction Rebellion. The event will be an opportunity for local residents to share their concerns and learn top tips on how to make their voices heard. There will also be family-friendly activities, block printing, and a live samba band, as well as guest speakers who will provide information on the planned incinerator.
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PGC Webmaster posted a reply #5506 31 Aug 2020 12:24
The link to the Facebook version of Georgia Elliot-Smith's video has stopped working, so here is the YouTube version. Worth mentioning that PGC now has a large library of YouTube videos created by GlobalNet21 and Enfield Voices - mostly interviews with people who are expert in their field.