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This morning's edition of the Palmers Green Community Newsletter showed an incorrect date for the tree-based walk that the Enfield Society is running as part of Enfield's Big Green Climate Festival.

The correct date is Friday 18th September (not 28th September), leaving from the Ridgeway by the entrance to Chase Farm Hospital at 10am and finishing at the cafe in Trent Park.

If you view the newsletter online, the correct date is now shown, but the email version will show the wrong date.

Apologies to the Enfield Society for the error (and to anyone who had put the wrong date in their diary).

Big Green Climate Festival: Tree-based walk

202109 tree walk

The Enfield Society is organising a guided walk along the London Loop to view the new tree and hedgerow planting created as a natural flood management pilot study. The scheme aims to help London become more resilient to climate change by reducing the risk of flooding downstream from the planting.

This is a Linear walk that will take approximately 3 hours. The walk will follow the London Loop footpath west along the lines of Salmon Brook, and then south to Trent Park, ending at the Trent Park Cafe and on to Cockfosters Tube area.

Along the footpath by Salmons Brook the guides will explain the planting and reasons for the scheme and of the heritage features of the area.

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