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bikes in broomfield parkBikes (and trikes) come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - and then there are cargo bikes, bikes for people with disabilities and electric bikes. But you don't often get a chance to try them out, especially the more unusual ones.

At recent Palmers Green Festivals the Try-a-Bike section in the netball courts has attracted many people. This year Try-a-Bike is returning, on Sunday 19th September. The netball courts in Broomfield Park have recentlyl been resurfaced - a costly (and very slow) business, and the council are concerned that riding bikes might damage them. So Try-a-Bike will this year be in the tennis courts at Hazelwood Recreation Ground in Palmers Green, which you can access from Hedge Lane, Park Avenue, Connaught Gardens or Lynbridge Gardens. There'll be all sorts of bikes for kids and adults (no penny farthings though).

Sunday 19 September 11.00am - 3.00pm

Big Green Climate Festival: Try-a-Bike in Hazelwood Rec

Hazelwood Recreation Ground, Palmers Green N13 5BJ

Enfield Cycling Campaign in association with Better Streets for Enfield will be hosting their popular Try a Bike event in Palmers Green on 19th September. There will be a myriad of bikes for adults and children to try for free. Don’t miss the opportunity to have ago on a tandem, a cargo bike - or even bikes with child seats.

The photos are from Try a Bike events at Palmers Green Festival in Broomfield Park. This year's event will be held in Hazelwood Recreation Ground, Palmers Green - accessible from Hedge Lane.

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