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lets talk rubbish manifesto headlineJust under half of candidates standing for election to councils in north London have signed up to the commitments listed in a manifesto issued by a community group that campaigns for "zero-waste" policies across the seven boroughs that are represented on the North London Waste Authority.

As reported by PGC on 19th April, the group Let's Talk Rubbish/North London Zero Waste contacted all 1407 candidates standing for election on Thursday. As of 3rd May 674 candidates (48 per cent) had signed up to the four commitments (see the box below).

All 1407 candidates are listed on the group's website, showing their party affiliation and whether they have signed up to the manifesto. A summary broken down by party shows the following:

  • Conservative - 13 of 367
  • Liberal Democrats - 286 of 324
  • Green Party - 145 of 215
  • Labour - 213 of 403
  • TUSC - 7 of 39
  • Women’s Equality Party - 0 of 7
  • Independent - 9 of 32
  • Other - 2 of 20

Let's Talk Rubbish/North London Zero Waste have also published a detailed report on the results of their survey of north London households.

Four commitments to rapidly increase recycling and reuse

1. Recycling commitment

To adopt the London Environment Strategy target of 65% recycling of household, commercial and industrial wastes by 2030 as the borough’s minimum target for 2030.

2. Reuse commitment

To commit to re-using 5% of all items brought to reuse and recycling centres, or other collection points, by 2030, in collaboration with the North London Waste Authority.

3. Waste prevention commitment

To commit to sharply reduce waste by reducing single use and disposable items and food waste by developing and implementing a plan and campaign for this in collaboration with the North London Waste Authority.

4. Community commitment

To commit to delivering these efforts together with a borough community forum that brings new ideas that are considered, offering collaboration with the other six boroughs in north London.


Let's Talk Rubbish Manifesto

List of candidates showing who has and who hasn't signed up to the commitments

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