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act now to secure a liveable futureThe stark warnings in the latest IPCC report should have been the lead story in all the papers, but of course other matters took precedence. I make no excuse for featuring a story which isn't "local" to Palmers Green, to London or even to the UK. Because it is of course "local" to every spot on Earth where people live.

The headline above is taken from Tuesday's Independent,. The Independent's report on the week's most serious topic is here, but even they didn't put it on the front cover - instead it had a photograph of Rupert Murdoch because he, who through his papers and TV stations has done much to postpone action on climate, is getting married - big deal!

Here are a couple of short films to hammer home the message. The second has some "strong language" - but the time for pussyfooting around this issue has long passed, so strong language is entirely appropriate.

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