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Thursday 23 January 2020 7.30pm

Planning panel to consider proposals for Southgate Office Village

Highlands School, 148 Worlds End Lane, N21 1QQ.

202001 office village planning panel

A planning panels is a non-executive body established to provide an opportunity for:

  1. the applicant to explain the proposals and to clarify queries arising;
  2. local residents and organisations to put forward their views at an earlier stage on significant planning applications and issues to officers and representatives of the planning committee; and
  3. officers and members to listen to the ideas and issues raised and concerns expressed prior to consideration at a subsequent planning committee.

The panel proceedings to be noted and fed back to the planning committee.  Panels do not have any decision-making powers.

Click here to see reporting and discussion of the Southgate Office Village redevelopment proposals.


More details available at: