Community panel: Climate change and public health

Wednesday 5 October 10.00am - 4.30pm

Forest Road Health Centre 308A Hertford Road N9 7HD  

202210 health climate event forest road health centre

Together with the Enfield Racial Equality Council, the Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) will be running two Community Panels/Hubs to discuss how public health will be affected by climate change.

We will be addressing some key issues but more importantly we want to hear from those who attend what they think the main issues are and what can be done about them by our communities as well as the Health and Local Authorities.

We would welcome you attending so let us know if you would like to come all day or just for one of the sessions.

You can just drop in on the day but you can also sign up and we can send you more information.


10.00am Valuing wellbeing. Welcome to Forest Road Health Centre.

Come and visit its facilities, meeting rooms, gym and other services. Discuss the importance of well being at a time of climate change

11.00am Bike library and active travel. Transport causes more pollution and deaths each year.

How can we travel more actively and involve the whole family without expense? Hear about the Bike Library

12.15pm Air pollution & green spaces. There is a lack of green spaces in eastern Enfield. How do we create more and make our borough both greener and healthier?

1.30pm Climate Cafe.

For those worried about how climate change will affect them and their health in the future, we will hold a climate cafe where you can talk over your fears with others

2.45pm Eating for a healthy planet.

Here you we will find out more about how we can eat to become more healthy for ourselves and our planet

4.00pm Climate Health Champions.

If you are interested in being a climate health champion then join us here and find out more

Refreshments will be available all day at the adjacent Jubilee Park premises

We will talk about these issues. We will also ask you what else concerns you. And what you think should be done

Drop in for any session or for the whole day




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