Film: Windrush Voices - Stories of Determination and Triumph

Tuesday 4 October 7.30pm

Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, N18 1PJ  

202210 windrush voices

Windrush Voices: Stories of Determination and Triumph is a film documentary by Colin Johnson that tells the ‘back stories’ of the Windrush Generation. Men, women and children living in warm and lush environments, full of vibrant colours and aromas, among the love of extended family and friends.

Then travelling, many for the first time by air or sea, to arrive to the drabness of a grey, monotoned war-scared London. Where rationing had just recently ended. Outside toilets and the use of public baths were the norm. Sprinkle in the hostile racist environment faced by all, "The No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" handwritten signs that greeted them.

The film documents how these pioneers overcame widespread ignorance, to survive and challenge the everyday prejudices they experienced and make a massive contribution to British society.

The film will be followed by roundtable discussion with the film maker and Windrush Voices contributors.

Tickets: £8 | £6 ECA Members

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