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Topic: A Strong Community

A Strong Community
06 Jul 2021 12:29 #6090

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There’s been some GLA inspired public consultation on what makes for a strong Community. The output could provide useful data for our myriad of local groups:
• People feeling secure and happy where they live
• People feeling a sense of responsibility towards improving their community
• Strong relationships existing between people in the community.

And in questioning how to improve community life, with a specific focus on spaces, concluded:
• More informal and formal spaces.
• More indoor spaces for community activity.
• Expanding existing outdoor space for cultural and physical activities.
• Ways to bring together older and younger generations.
• Community food gardens, fridges and food enterprise zones.

I don’t think PG does too badly at all on such themes – eg picked as the London pilot for Play Areas because of the community network and bonds that exist, and having more street parties than any comparable area in the UK; and as one example, the current Broomfield Festival would seem to nail many of the latter five points.

The team’s next stage is to look at “Community Hubs”. That's a name and theme we used about 15 years ago in PG in looking to community developing projects, and I reckon in The Palmers Greenery possibly have one of the best examples that will be found anywhere.

Maybe we need to shout a bit more about the place, but good shouting for a change.

Any thoughts?

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