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TOPIC: Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!

Clllrs are a waste of taxpayers money!
05 Apr 2017 13:26 #2947

Kaye Castanheira Kaye Castanheira's Avatar Topic Author

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Cllrs should have more enthusiasm when they are applying for this job which means dealing with the public, after all they do get paid very well!
On numerous of occasions I have emailed and posted letters of request to them and after a year I hear from one of my Cllrs quoting "sorry its having a adverse affect on you", which I found so rude and so unnecessary, this is not what I expected from a Cllr who is supposed to be working with the public and the community.
It gets very despondent after a while when even your own Cllrs & Councils do not want to co-operate, it feels like are living in a society with a minority of people applying for job they do not really want only to pay there bills with the hard slog with it, there is no care and no passion to really get stuck into a privileged job to make good for all concerned.
I will say that Cllrs have had there day and they should not be working in public sectors if they are not willing to respond to the public when they need there support, it only makes sense, or they should find jobs that are more suitable for them without dealing with the public if it is too much of a trial! and let others who love dealing with the public and making changes for all, we need to see Cllrs have enthusiasm for this kind of job more interaction with there communities, something has to change because we are falling on deaf ears.
Cllrs are not workable! they get paid far too much! Get rid!

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