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Topic: Proof that cyclists are a menace!

Proof that cyclists are a menace!
29 Jul 2020 18:50 #5458

Basil Clarke Basil Clarke's Avatar Topic Author

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Until today I've been incined to disagree with the many people who think that cyclists are far more dangerous than people driving around in multi-ton metal objects at speeds of 30mph or more. But this afternoon I saw this and the scales fell from my eyes. Right next to the cycle lanes in Palmers Green, so clearly caused by them, as part of the general ruination of PG that they've brought. The lights have clearly been damaged by something travelling along the pavement. Everyone knows that car drivers don't drive on pavements and all sensible people know that not only do cyclists frequently ride on the pavement, but they also hate traffic lights and never stop for them. So it's a clear case of a traffic-light-hating lycra lout wreaking havoc.

I now realise how wrong I've been. From now on I shall steer clear of pavements full of terrifying cyclo-fascists and walk in the middle of the road, where it will be much safer.

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