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Topic: Beware the robot scam.

Beware the robot scam.
14 Sep 2020 10:39 #5553

Karl Brown Karl Brown's Avatar Topic Author

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Most of us will have experienced scam efforts either by e mail, phone, mobile or some other. This morning the landline rang and I was met with, “Hi this is John from Domestic Insurance”, or such similar named organisation. A silence until I acknowledged the (apparent) person to hear that my boiler insurance was no longer the best deal and I would be transferred to another named company. Silence again until I asked a question. (Not having such insurance I’m now smelling a rat.) A very short play between us as I try to dig information out and I find myself in a loop and again hearing, “Hi this is John from Domestic Insurance”. I’m talking to a trying-to-scam-me machine! Doubtless a request for bank details would have followed.
This is a level of sophistication I hadn’t experienced until now. I imagine we must all now expect more of it so a warning and follow the usual sort of rules – never give out your financial or key personal details and certainly not to cold callers. If in doubt, take a time out and perhaps ask advice. Nothing is so urgent, and if it apparently is then be doubly aware.
Scam e mails (and screen shots of scam texts) can be simply forwarded to . The earlier this group are aware the earlier they can act to close down such operations.

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