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Topic: Indoor pollution

Indoor pollution
10 Sep 2020 22:38 #5538

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I think you'll find that the vast majority of people give no thought whatever to indoor air pollution. However, from things that I've read in newspapers and so on over many years, I think that indoor air pollution can be a big problem, especially in the winter, when people keep windows closed.

In a non-smoking home the main source is likely to be gas cookers, which should never be used without at least opening the window, but preferably using a fan or the door. The gas flames themself produce microscopic particles, and if you fry food the production of these particles increases considerably.

Another important source is furniture that incorporates chipboard or resinboard. When new, the smell that these items give off is formaldehyde, which is unhealthy, but how dangerous this is will depend on many factors, including how well the house is ventilated, whether people living in it are more or less susceptible etc. If you have mould inside your home, breathing in the spores can be dangerous.

The fumes given off by fresh paint are also unhealthy.


But I wouldn't expect that you'll get many answers on this forum, or really on any, because it's not something that people are aware of. Of course, the very fact that people aren't aware of potential hazards would be worth reporting in your thesis in its own right - if your data supports my guesswork, that is!

You could try Facebook, eg Enfield Matters, which has a lot of users.

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