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1. Do I need planning permission?

We are not qualified to give professional advice, however there is a high probability you will need planning permission given the removal of permitted development rights. In any case, you should either seek your own professional advice or speak to the planning department, making sure that you are speaking to someone who knows the Conservation Area is covered by an Article 4 direction.

2. My address is not listed in the Article 4 direction/Why are some properties not covered by the Article 4 direction?

Do you live in a flat? If so, you do not have the same permitted development rights that single householders have (regardless of being in a Conservation Area). You are advised to discuss your plans with the Council.

3. What colour can I repaint my house?

The Lakes Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal identifies the painting of original fair-faced brickwork and unpainted render as damaging to the character and appearance of houses.
There is no reference in the appraisal or the management plan as to what colour should be used if the brickwork is already painted. We encourage people to restore the brickwork where possible (unless it has been rendered over). This would require advice from a specialist who would assess the quality and type of original bricks and their suitability for this treatment.

Where the wall is render or already painted brickwork a muted palette would be in keeping with traditional pastel colours which were typical of the Edwardian era. For example, Little Greene Co has a period range of colours. See  The colour of any paintwork is a personal choice.

26 24 Old Park Road26-24 Old Park Road

4. Is it possible to reinstate a tiled path?

garden path derwent roadYes! - more residents are making traditional paths where the design of the tiles in a replacement path matches the original path. Where this is lost then it should match the internal tiles if these are present. Otherwise they should match the neighbour's tiles (providing they are the original ones) or a path of a similar house type along your road. We know of two companies that sell the correct tiles:

There may be others.

The photograph is of a garden path in Derwent Road.

5. How should we improve our old concrete hardstanding which has deteriorated?

The Lakes Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal says the greatest change to the visual character of the area is the paving of front gardens to facilitate car parking; and "Where some planting and part of the garden wall have been preserved there is far less detriment to the architectural and historic character and appearance of the estate".

It is possible to maximise the amount of space devoted to planting and to recapture the original character from the time of the original build. For further information see our Front Gardens guide.

Ulleswater RoadUlleswater Road

6. Where can I get brick rubble to repair my front wall?

Garden wall in Fox LaneA distinctive feature of some streets in the Lakes Estate is the inclusion of irregularly sized brick rubble or 'wasters', a by-product of brick-making.

See our Suppliers List

The photograph is of a garden wall in Fox Lane.

7. Is there a list of suppliers?

See our Suppliers List

The photograph is of a garden wall in Fox Lane.

8. Can I build a replacement porch?

The Council assesses applications against borough wide policies as well as the details in the Conservation Area Character Appraisal. So a front porch should be in keeping with the scale and character of the surrounding street scene. This will relate to the roof covering, usually of clay tiles, the joinery, the glazing (if any) eg stained glass leaded lights with decorative glazing bars. A good tip is to walk along your road to find similar house types to yours. This will not necessarily be the adjoining pair. A good joiner will be able to make a replacement to the original style.

The Lakes Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal praised "The outstanding feature of the houses on the estate is their woodwork - and above all the glorious variety of entrance porches, with joined, turned, pierced and carved timber detail. Porches generally fill the whole space between the front bay window and the party wall on each front elevation. Entrances are designed to make as much of an impression as possible, often with double-leaved doors to quite modest houses. Front doors are of hardwood, with raised and fielded panels and half-glazed with decorative glazing bars and ornate, sometimes flamboyant stained glass."

Porches and front doors in Derwent RoadPorches and front doors, Derwent Road



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All photographs are taken from the Lakes Estate Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2015 prepared by Drury McPherson Partnership

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