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covid test in carYou may have read on the council website that three new Covid testing centres have been set up in Enfield, one of them at the Lodge Drive car park in Palmers Green. The catch is that to get an appointment you still need to go through the national booking system. And, as Palmers Green resident Steven Rawlinson discovered, it's not always possible to get one.

According to a report in the Enfield Dispatch, Steven then went along to Lodge Drive. When he got there, he found " lots of [private contractor] Serco employees there milling around, but no-one was being tested". A Serco employee told Steven that if he went home and reapplied, putting in a Glasgow postcode, they could test him in PG.

The Dispatch reports that Steven was tested and returned a negative result, so it seems that this absurd workaround actually worked. But the experience prompted him to contact Enfield Southgate MP Bambos Charalambous, who wrote complaining to the health secretary.

Read the full story on the Enfield Dispatch website.

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Basil Clarke's Avatar
Basil Clarke posted a reply #5575 23 Sep 2020 22:31
The person in charge of the Covid testing system, Dido Harding, was previously head of the Talk Talk mobile phone network, which has come in for some criticism. Perhaps its users didn't realise that in order to phone someone on the network they first had to find a Serco employee to tell them which other person's number they needed to dial in order to get through to the person they wanted.