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The appeal by the Friends of Broomfield Park for donations to help restore three of the park's borders has got off to a great start. Only four days after sending out their first email asking for donations, enough money had flowed in for the Friends to start work on one of the borders this autumn. However, the volunteers are still £1000 short of the amount they need to complete the project.

Broomfield's plants need your support!

Volunteers have been doing a brilliant job over the last two years with limited resources but masses of energy and enthusiasm.

Through their hard work and some donations and grants, the long herbaceous border has been transformed from an overgrown mass to a marvellous display  and many people have said how good it now looks.

We now need your generous support to buy plants that will transform other areas of the historic walled gardens. 

gazebo border beforeNow - a sleeping giant.
The 'Gazebo' border is a magnificent setting behind Broomfield House, but the planting has suffered long term neglect and needs revitalising

gazebo border afterThe Future - With your generous support we can introduce greater variety of colour, texture and form, creating interest throughout the year.

gazebo border beforeNow - the two rhododendron borders are looking sad, despite the best efforts of volunteers to revive them.

gazebo border afterThe Future - with your generous support we can buy healthy specimen shrubs, underplanted to make more interesting beds

Click here for more information and to donate

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