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interior of ruins of broomfield houseA working group comprising councillors and representatives of the Friends of Broomfield Park and other civic groups recently visited the interior of the ruined house

Recent news items posted on the Friends of Broomfield Park's website include updates on plans to memorialise Broomfield House and to refill the model boating pond, plus the story of local characters Julia, Caesar, Dozy, Beaky and Titch and their successful campaign to defend themselves from a lonely outsider.

As reported in October 2022, Enfield Council hopes to bid for lottery funding to "memorialise" the remains of Broomfield House. To help prepare the bid a working group was set up late last year, comprising ward councillors and representatives of the Friends of Broomfield Park, Broomfield House Trust and Enfield Society. Group members have visited the interior of the house and are hopeful that some of its structure can be retained.

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In January the Friends and Enfield Council submitted an application to fund the first stage of the full restoration of the model boating pond and its surrounds, arguing that the natural aquifer, borehole, pump, and boating pond are of fundamental heritage importance and a key characteristic of the park. The update on the Friends' website has the optimistic headline "Will we see boats floating again in 2023? - we certainly hope so!"

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Jenny Edwards and Elena Phrydas from the FoBP Lakes Action Team tell the heartwarming story of Julia and Caesar, the pair of swans who arrived in Broomfield Park in February 2022 and successfully reared three cygnets, since driven away by their parents, as is the way with swans. Caesar was able to see off an attempt to carry off Julia by an intruder swan from Grovelands Park.

The new team has been working to stop the spread of avian flu and improve water quality. More members wanted!

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