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Enfield Community Singers

Enfield Community Singers will be entering 2020 with a fresh selection of great repertoire including special April and Spring songs, their lovely Gershwin and Jerome Kern selection and of course their famous selection of songs from Les Miserables.

Musical Director Simon Gilbert - the tall gentleman in the centre of the photo with the bow-tie - says of his singers:

"Regarded as one of the borough's leading choirs, we are definitely the choir to join!"

See and hear them in action below:

Enfield Community Singers: Spring 2020 concerts

Saturday 4th April 7.30 pm St John the Baptist Church, Wood Street, Barnet EN5 4BW

Saturday 25 April 3:00 pm St Andrews Church, Chase Side, Southgate N14

Thursday 30 April 3.30 Springview Carehome, 10-12 Crescent Road Enfield EN2 7BL

Saturday 16 May 7:30 pm St Andrews Church, Market Square, Enfield EN2

Wednesday 27 May 1:30 pm, Southgate Synagogue 75 Chase Road, Southgate N14 4QY

Saturday 13 June 3:30 pm St Peters Church, Bounces Road, Edmonton  N9

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