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revive sign outside barrowell green recycling centre

The gate at Barrowell Green is now open to pedestrians.

Pedestrians are now able to access the recycling centre at Barrowell Green and the Revive Re-use Shop, which were previously only accessible to visitors in cars or on bikes. This follows the installation of a new pathway enabling pedestrians to walk around the centre in safety.

Additionally, Barrowell Green now has expanded facilities for dropping off garden waste.

The Revive Re-use Shop

The shop sells donated items including:

  • antiques
  • artwork
  • bikes and bike parts
  • books, CDs and DVDs
  • clothing
  • furniture
  • garden items
  • ornaments, trinkets and glassware
  • toys and games

Reuse and recycling helps protect the environment by reducing the need to extract, refine and process raw materials, which creates air and water pollution. It also saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, to help tackle climate change.

Profit will be used to support local projects and charities, such as the Mayor's Fund, and may also be used to reinvest in the site to help increase usage and profit of the facility. This will be determined at the end of the financial year (2019/20) once the full year position of the reuse shop is confirmed.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:30am to 4pm.

Recycling Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be taken to Barrowell Green with turf and decorations removed. Enfield Council will also be collecting trees from all properties on regular collection days from 6 to 13 January. Just put your tree out with your grey-lidded and blue-lidded bins.

For full Christmas tree recycling details and advice on bin collection days during the holiday season, visit

Stay up-to-date with recycling projects and issues related to waste by signing up to Enfield Council’s newsletters at .

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