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There'll be so many things going on at the Palmers Green Festival on 3rd September that you might miss some of them, so over the next couple of weeks we'll be highlighting a few that you might enjoy, starting with Try-a-Bike.

cargo bikeThink you can't cycle? Think again!

tricycleYou don't have to be young, fit or even able-bodied to ride a bike. And lots of bikes are great for carrying kids and/or shopping.

tricycleCome and try some out for free at Palmers Green Festival! We have cargo bikes to carry kids or heavy loads, 3-wheeled bikes, family tandems, electric bikes, folding bikes, seats for kids, trailers, tag alongs ... there's something for everyone!

These are some of the more unusual bikes (tricycles actually) that you can try out, but there will be some normal ones too!

Find the Better Streets for Enfield stall in the tennis courts, Broomfield Park on Sunday 3 September 12-7pm. And let your family and friends know, so that they can have a try too.

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