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The summer (?) weather has not cooperated quite as well as it could have with this year's Broomfield Summer Festival, but the forecast is looking good for this weekend, when the final two theatrical events will be staged in the Broomfield Bowl.

mr stink advertSaturday sees the return of family favourite Mr Stink.

You’re invited to celebrate Annabelle’s 10th birthday, hosted by everyone’s favourite MP candidate, Janet Crumb! (Almost) everyone is welcome…

Desperate to appear as posh as possible, Mrs Crumb has organised sweet stalls, croquet and old fashioned party games with the aim to impress everyone. All ages are invited to come along, join in the organised fun and get to know the Crumb family and their community.

One party-goer, however, has not been invited and he happens to be an extremely stinky, homeless gentleman. This doesn’t put off Mrs Crumb’s eldest daughter Chloe. Often overlooked, Chloe and her inquisitive imagination soon put the wheels in motion for an unforgettable tale of friendship.

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ad for romeo and juliet

The Three Inch Fools' production of The Merry Wives of Windsor was an absolute hoot, and I feel sure that the Bard himself would have approved of how they presented his funniest play, but what would he have made of their version of one of his tragedies? And what will we make of it? Only one way to find out...

The Three Inch Fools take to the road with five actors, all manner of musical instruments and an inventive take on Shakespeare’s most famous story, Romeo & Juliet.

The Fools are dusting off their instruments and stepping back into the great outdoors, with a brand new production of Romeo & Juliet. Prepare for a carnival of passion and imagination, as the Fools present the world’s best-known love story against the beautiful setting of Broomfield Bowl.

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