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This month's Enfield Dispatch carries a report and photograph of a rocket attack on Palmers Green station. And a photo of this month's Enfield Community Hero thigh-deep in water, also in Palmers Green. The rocket attack was, of course, during World War II, and the line was back in service two days later  (how many weeks would it take these days?), while the hero is Alison Archer, co-founder of the Pymmes BrookERS, helping plant out the Broomfield Park wetlands.

Other stories in tenfield dispatch attack on the trackhis month's edition include:

  • campaigners make a last-ditch bid to halt construction of a new Edmonton incinerator
  • Enfield Town FC hook up with a global entertainment company
  • thousands of pounds are raised for a boy who lost his leg
  • Enfield Council admits failings over forced marriage case
  • residents urge council to stop hosting large events in Trent Park
  • the first of a two-part investigation into Enfield’s housing reveals the reality of temporary accommodation
  • North Mid boss admits pandemic impact will be ‘felt for years’.

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Karl Brown posted a reply #6166 02 Sep 2021 08:15
Some street chatter as a result of this article says the bomb blast took the roof off 2 Old Park Road, which landed on and killed a pedestrian. The bomb itself apparently hit the track behind numbers 18 and 20, with a piece of track ending up in the roof of number 18. From my own time living in Grovelands an elderly neighbour (west side) talked of how a piece of rail went through her glass front door.