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Currently showing at the Southgate Gallery until mid October (in addition to the continuing mixed media exhibition of various local artists), Mary Horsfield, a member of the Enfield Art Circle, has several examples of her work on display. Mary's colourful and detailed acrylic paintings on canvas show a variety of flowers in Victorian planters plus recognisable scenes viewed through imaginary windows.

A children's author whose plot ideas came to her while daydreaming when waiting for trains to Palmers Green will be signing copies of her books at the Holtwhites shop on Aldermans Hill on 14th October.

A Palmers Green author whose work has won critical acclaim will next month be launching the paperback edition of his second novel. This October will also mark ten years since he committed to being a writer.

The autumn term is starting at Collage Voices - a performing arts and creative media programme for children, young people and emerging artists.

It's less than a month since I commented on a new novel that it 'belongs to what I can with confidence assume to be a vanishingly small category: novels where the action takes place in Palmers Green', and what do I find? A feature in this month's Enfield Dispatch under the headline 'Putting Palmers Green on the page' about another recently published novel set in PG!

A Palmers Green-based composer and producer has released the first of nine tracks from a project reinterpreting the songs on a classic album from 1976.

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A call is going out to artists to submit up to three works each to an exhibition at Bloqs in Edmonton that will run between November and February. The theme: Melting Point.

North London Symphony Orchestra are recruiting new brass players. Their next concert is in Palmers Green, on 3rd December.

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Writing Room will be running a series of masterclasses on Zoom this Autumn, every other Sunday, from 11am to 1pm. Enjoy intriguing explorations, stimulating writing exercises and wide-ranging discussions. These sessions welcome writers at all levels

'This afternoon I shall go to my own funeral service before I watch them bury me under six feet of London clay.' A mysterious introduction to the unusual plot of a newly published novel in a fiction category that I hadn't heard of before, but is, it seems, an established genre: a medico-legal thriller. It also belongs to what I can with confidence assume to be a vanishingly small category: novels where the action takes place in Palmers Green.

At the Southgate Club and Gallery, the nostalgic drawings and booklets of Alan Baker have been joined by the gallery's Summer Exhibition, comprising works by a variety of local artists. Anne Hutchings, Sue Loder, Nicola Scott, Helen Wood, Joyce Lubell, and Barbara Luckhurst offer a colourful and thought-provoking mixed-media feast using water colour, oils, charcoal, graphite, acrylics, print and photography.

After being rudely interrupted in March 2020, face-to-face lectures by WEA Enfield & Southgate are back at the United Reformed Church in Palmers Green and Enfield Baptist Church, starting in September. Some subjects continue to be taught online, including Ruth Mulandi's film and art classes and Amy Miller's history course. And, wherever you live, you'll still have access to hundreds of online courses run by WEA branches in other parts of the country.

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