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enfield poets logoThe Enfield Poets are inviting people to send them poems about Enfield, past and present, to help create an interactive poetry map of the borough.

The online Enfield in Poetry map will have markers that, when clicked on, open up with a photo and brief description of the part of Enfield written about, the name of the author and title of poem and a link to an audio file of the poet, or someone else, reading the poem.

The idea for the map came from local poet Anthony Fisher, who explains what he is hoping for:

"The idea is to build a picture of Enfield, past and present, in poems. Anyone is welcome to submit poems. I am looking for recordings of the author reading their poem but others may read another’s poem if necessary. I just like the idea of a poem map, catching atmosphere, memories, the place, the passion of people."

How to submit your poem

Poets can be from anywhere but the poem has to be relevant to Enfield in some way.

Poems this year need to be in English; as the project develops it is hoped that other languages will be included. To be included, please send

  • The poem(s) as a PDF or Word document
  • A statement that you give permission for this to be published by Enfield Poets
  • A recording of the poem being read - any file format accepted, help available if required!

The map will go live March/April next year so please start sending in your submissions to.

If you have any questions, you can email Anthony at.

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