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inside job"Inside Job"Southgate Photographic Society are currently holding their 73rd annual Prints and Projections exhibition.  This year the exhibition is different from usual in two respects:  there are no projections, only prints;  and instead of being hidden away in a hall, the pictures are out in the street for all to see.  And this year's exhibition is likely to be seen by many more people than usual, as, thanks to Transport for London, it adorns the elegant curved windows of an empty shop outside Southgate underground station - the one that was formerly occupied by Blockbusters.

This is not the first time the empty shop has been used for artistic purposes, as it was also the site of an exhibition of art and craft creations made by members of Creative Exchange.

The prints were mounted on Friday and will remain until 17th July.  Southgate Photographic Society hopes that passers-by will enjoy looking at something other than an empty shop, and that many of them will come and join the Society when it returns from its summer break in September.

Blochbusters SPS

Southgate Photographic Society website

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