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There are 22 designated Conservation Areas within the London Borough of Enfield, several of which are located in or adjacent to Palmers Green - in particular, the Lakes Estate Conservation Area, located on both sides of Alderman's Hill

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southgate office village revised scheme view from stationArtist's impression of the view of the proposed new buildings from Southgate station

The public planning panel to discuss the proposals to build a mixed office and housing development on the site of Southgate Office Village has now been arranged for 7.30pm on 23rd January at Highlands School, 148 Worlds End Lane, N21 1QQ.

A planning panels is a non-executive body established to provide an opportunity for:

  1. the applicant to explain the proposals and to clarify queries arising;
  2. local residents and organisations to put forward their views at an earlier stage on significant planning applications and issues to officers and representatives of the planning committee; and
  3. officers and members to listen to the ideas and issues raised and concerns expressed prior to consideration at a subsequent planning committee.

The panel proceedings will be noted and fed back to the planning committee.  Panels do not have any decision-making powers.

Click here to see all PGC reporting and discussion of the Southgate Office Village redevelopment proposals.

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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #5120 13 Jan 2020 11:11
Wonder if this will just become another anti-development shouting match like the preposterous "Civic Voice" nonsense.... only interested in representing the views of those that agree with their anti development stance.
Jane Maggs's Avatar
Jane Maggs posted a reply #5135 17 Jan 2020 17:46
To be absolutely clear, Civic Voice is the national body for civic societies. The Civic Voice team at the Southgate community workshop were completely independent facilitators and had no views on the development. The facilitators do not live in London, so all views expressed were those of the people who attended.

The workshop was intended to allow the people of Southgate an opportunity to express their views on the development, both for and against. If the developers had properly consulted and listened, we would not have needed a workshop or this planning panel.
David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #5139 20 Jan 2020 14:29
Weird.... claims to be independent but only crops up to corral negative sentiment and I'm pretty sure my feedback (when there were options to leave it) never got remotely noted.

What are you actually looking to achieve here? Given anyone can make reps to the Council in respect of the planning application? And that you do not canvass or survey "the people of Southgate" as a whole, just take the views of those with a grievance that come find you?