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merkur slots shop exteriorThe StopPGMerkurSlots campaign has been continuing to collect evidence for a review of a licence for a new branch of the Merkur Slots gambling arcade chain planned for Green Lanes. The campaign has the support of local councillors and the council leader and is being assisted by council officers, but as a review would be a lengthy process (nine to ten weeks) it may not be completed before the new arcade opens.

"We hope to get a sense of the strength of our evidence"

In an update for PGC readers, campaigner Shirley Rose writes:

 "The campaign continues. We have collated and submitted evidence to Cllr Tim Leaver for the review application. This is a work in progress and we are taking advice on how best to structure the application. Tomorrow (8 April) we will be meeting over Zoom with the PG councillors, the council officers and hopefully Bambos Charambous to review progress and to discuss the next steps. We hope to get a sense of the strength of our evidence and the likelihood of the review going ahead."

Collating evidence that supports concerns

The campaign has also received updated information from council leader Nesil Caliskan. In an email she writes that "I am collating evidence I believe to be relevant and will be including background information that I believe supports our concerns about opening such a premises in Palmers Green, especially due to the 24-hour element of the licence."

Any evidence would have to relate to crime or disorder or to harm to or exploitation of children or other vulnerable persons.

A table included in the council leader's message sets out the timetable required by law for an appeal.

  Action Example of Date Days from start of process
  •  1
  • Notice of review and Review application submitted by applicant to licence holder and Responsible Authorities (including Licensing Authority) 6 April 2021 12.
     2 Publish notice of application 13 April 2021 8
  •  3
  • 28 day consultation period starts 13 April 2021 8
  •  4
  • 28 day consultation period closes at midnight 10 May 2021 35
  •  5
  • Hearing date must be set “as soon as reasonably practicable”. Hearing date must allow for consideration of representations received, 10 working days of notice of a hearing, plus 7 days to submit written information before a hearing (Council Code of Conduct) 12 May 2021 37
  •  6
  • The notice of the hearing (i.e. date of the hearing) must be sent to review applicant, licence holder and those who have made representations within the 28 day consultation period 12 May 2021 37
  •  7
  • Last date for written evidence to submitted to be included in committee report 1 June 2021 – 4 weeks to prepare for hearing (max) OR 25 May 2021 – 3 weeks to prepare for hearing (min) 57 (max) OR 50 (min)
  •  8
  • Hearing 9 June 2021 (max) OR 2 June 2021 (min) 65 (max) OR 58 (min)
  •  9
  • Determination of the review, i.e. decision made within 5 working days starting the day after the last day of the hearing: 16 June 2021 (max) OR 9 June 2021 (min) 72 (max)  OR 65 (min)

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