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Following complaints about consultation arrangements, Enfield Council has now extended the deadline for commenting on the draft Enfield Town Framework Master Plan until 25th September and has arranged some additional "drop-in" events on top of the event scheduled for Thursday 27th July (6pm to 8pm in the Civic Centre).

The additional drop-in events are all at Enfield Town Library:

  • Wednesday 9 August 12-2pm
  • Saturday 12 August 1-3pm
  • Thursday 24 August 12-2pm

Some of the questions that the draft master plan seeks to address are listed as:

  • Future retail directions and roles for the town centre
  • Future civic roles
  • Strengthening the visitor and evening economy role
  • The potential for new housing
  • The form, quality and density of new development
  • Creating a high quality public realm framework, including gateways, connections and destinations
  • Integrating with investment in the transport and highways framework
  • Respecting the historic character of key locations across the Town Centre
  • Ensuring an active, vibrant town centre with well occupied business space and attractive services for the residents of Enfield and surrounding communities

enfield town masterplan

It's not a document that's easy to summarise, so I won't attempt to, but if you're interested in the future of Enfield Town, I would recommend looking through it.  The two points that struck me were:

  • giving Enfield Town more of a "night-time economy" than it currently has
  • developing the south eastern part of the town centre, stretching from St Anne's School (which will be closing) to Tesco's via the Genotin Road car park (area 5 on the map above).

For more information about the draft master plan and consultation arrangements, see

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