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The Place Alliance and its partner organisations carry out research into and campaign for improvements to the built environment. They are currently carrying out a survey of how the quality of people's homes and neighbourhoods supports - or fails to support - their lives during lockdown.



Your homes and neighbourhoods during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the 23rd March, the UK has been put into lockdown in an unprecedented attempt to fight the spread and impact of the Covid-19 virus. Families, sharers, couples, and individuals have been spending more time at home – and together – than ever before, whilst balancing numerous everyday roles: working from home, looking after families, home schooling, staying in touch with isolated relatives, shopping, exercising, etc. 

This survey is an attempt to understand how well or poorly the design of our home environments – our homes and the neighbourhoods in which they sit – have been supporting us during the period of lockdown. The intention is to understand what we can learn from this time of stress about how we should be designing or adapting our homes and their environments for everyday life in the future.

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The survey should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to complete and the results will be made publicly available.

The Survey will close on Sunday 24th of May.

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