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Enfield Council's proposals for Liveable Neighbourhoods improvements to Enfield Town, which are currently subject to public engagement, will in particular benefit pedestrians, which is to say everyone living in, working in, or visiting the town centre, since everyone has to navigate the local pavements.

For those visiting or passing through by bike, there will be through cycle routes, mainly taking the form of protected lanes, but they will not go along the main part of Church Street. Disabled access will be facilitated by the addition of 14 new blue badge bays.

Public realm improvements will include enhancing the Market Square, Town Park entrance and Fountain Island, a plaza in front of Enfield Town Station, a "pocket park" at one end of Little Park Gardens (surely it should be called a "little park" or the street should be renamed Pocket Park Gardens?) and a new public space (Saddlers Mill Square) at the other end.

Detailed proposals, maps and FAQs are now available on the Let's Talk Enfield web pages, together with a link to provide feedback. The engagement period ends on 15th November. Before then there will be three online engagement events - capacity is limited so register now if you're interested.

  • Wednesday 4th November, 12pm - 1pm
  • Saturday 7th November, 10am - 11am
  • Monday 9th November, 6pm - 7pm

Looking forward, the council expect the timetable to be:

  • Revising proposed plans: Spring/Summer 2021
  • Statutory consultation on proposed plans: Winter 2022
  • Implementation of changes: Summer 2022.

enfield town key pedestrian benefitsClick on the map to enlarge

Improvements for pedestrians

In the government's official hierarchy of street users, those on foot are at the top, and it is pedestrians who gain most from the council's plans, which will  make it much easier and less hazardous to walk around Enfield Town, in particular when crossing roads near the gates to Town Park, outside the Dugdale Centre, at the main crossroads (London Road/Church Street/Silver Street), to reach the Library Green and from the Cecil Road bus stops to the shopping centres.

There will be wider pavements in Church Street and the problem of cars turning into Little Park Gardens will be eliminated by closing off the eastern end to form the new Saddlers Mill Square. Two further hazards where vehicles and pedestrians conflict will be removed: the taxi lane at the front of Enfield Town station and the service road just to the east of the station, behind the westbound bus stops.

The Cecil Road bus stops will be grouped together to make it easier to change buses.


enfield town map of key cyclist benefitsClick on the map to enlarge

Improvements for cyclists

For people travelling west-east or east-west through Enfield Town by bike, there will be protected cycle lanes most of the way through the centre. The route runs along Cecil Road in both directions. However, where roads are narrow, near Enfield Town station, in both directions, there will be unprotected "cycle routes"

For riders approaching Enfield Town from the south along the A105 bike lanes, these will not be extended further than where they currently stop. The route diverts along Essex Road and Sydney Road or Raleigh Road to reach the protected lanes in Cecil Road.

A safe cycle route along Little Park Gardens will be provided for students and staff at the Grammar School and Enfield County High.


map of parking changesClick on the map to enlarge

On-street parking and loading arrangements

Apart from the provision of 15 blue badge bays (compared to one at present) and 19 loading bays, distributed around the town centre, there will be no on-street parking, making it possible to widen pavements and add new pedestrian crossings.. Ugly yellow lines will be entirely removed (except in Sarnesfield Road).


Let's Talk Enfield Town

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