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OPR to PP proposed route 700pxClick on the map for a larger version

The latest link to be consulted on in Enfield Council's planned network of active travel (walking/wheeling/cycling) routes runs between the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood (Old Park Road) in Palmers Green and Pymmes Park in Upper Edmonton via Barrowell Green, Firs Farm, Latymer School and Haselbury.

As has been the case with other recently published proposals for walking and cycling routes, this is very much an initial engagement seeking to elicit comments and suggestions about the route and individual points along it. As before, people are invited to provide comments by placing pins on an interactive map, which will be available until midnight on Sunday 11th June. Any more detailed design work will depend on funding becoming available, and if and when this happens there will be further consultation, as set out in the Communication, Engagement and Consultation Plan

The central section of the route goes along an existing cycleway, between Hoppers Road and Haselbury via Barrowell Green, Firs Farm and an underpass beneath the A10. The opportunity could be taken to improve some stretches of this cycleway, for instance, at the westernmost end of Barrowell Green. The junction with Green Lanes is far from optimum both for cyclists following the route and for pedestrians walking along Green Lanes.

Planned communication and engagement activities


Launch of project page on the Lets Talk Enfield site

May 2023

Letter to residents within the impacted area introducing the plans and inviting their comment via engagement survey on project page

May 2023

Engagement with the community via an online map to collect issues and ideas

May 2023

Webinar after on the proposed plan with Q&A

May 2023

Engagement summary produced and shared on the project page

May 2023

Monthly updates on project page, residents can subscribe to find out more

From May 2023

Social media/newsletter activity to communicate the information leaflet to wider geographic area

May 2023

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