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The following announcement has been posted on the Better Streets for Enfield Facebook page and is presumably being sent to residents in the part of Bowes ward that is referred to, ie streets to the west of Green Lanes as far as the railway line.  Note that at the Bowes ward forum held in January there were suggestions that consultation should be extended to streets to the west of the railway line, as these stood to be affected by a CPZ scheme east of the railway

Dear Residents

We thank of you for getting in touch with us in respect of introducing Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Some roads have now reached the numbers of petition signatures required to trigger the Council's consultation process. We appreciate this is time consuming and may seem bureaucratic but the Council has to justify its decision to all residents.

Our officer Jonathan Goodison now advises the following: I am now able to confirm to residents that the Council intends to proceed with an area-wide CPZ consultation in Bowes amongst its parking scheme work of the coming 2018/19 financial year.

Following Haringey's introduction of a CPZ along our borders, and the number of CPZ requests coming forward in the area from Green Lanes to the railway line going west, we have requested officers to look at an area-wide CPZ for that area. This was also strongly supported at a recent area forum. We agree with residents that the parking overspill from Haringey is making it difficult to park and generally move about in the area. Hopefully, consultation on the CPZ will start early in 2018/19.

Cllr Yasemin Brett
Cllr Alan Sitkin
Cllr Achilleas Georgiou

Bowes Ward

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