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cpzs in enfield boroughControlled parking zones in Enfield

Enfield Council is consulting on proposals to change the costs of residents' parking permits in controlled parking zones (CPZs). The consultation runs until 12th February and in summary form the proposals are as follows:

  • Residential permit tariffs linked to vehicle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions so that those with the least polluting vehicles pay lower tariffs
  • Each household can have up to three permits
  • Higher rates for second and third vehicles
  • More visitor’s vouchers for people in CPZs which operate for more days each week and vouchers will cover the hours that each CPZ runs for; this means people will not need to use more than one permit each day
  • Additional vouchers above the new ‘maximums’ will be subject to an increase in price
  • Paperless permits.

The proposed changes are designed to:

  • Support the equitable distribution of kerbside space.
  • Ensure that revenue at least covers the cost of operating the residential CPZ permit scheme
  • Increase the proportion of trips made by active and sustainable modes in line with the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy
  • Encourage a switch to vehicles which produce less pollutants and greenhouse gases while in use.

The consultation is open to all residents, not just those living in a CPZ area.


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