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new southgate to pg active travel route part 1 new southgate to pg active travel route part 2Initial route suggestion for an active travel link between New Southgate, Arnos Grove and Palmers Green stations. The council is also looking at an option of running part of the route through Arnos Park

Enfield Council's Journeys & Places team is seeking community input into early work on the design of an active travel (walking and cycling) route between Palmers Green, Arnos Grove and New Southgate stations. Residents are being invited to contribute by adding annotated pins to an interactive online map of a suggested route designed to use mainly quiet streets. The deadline for responding via the map is 7th May. Questions can also be submitted to .

Like another recently announced proposal linking Southgate Circus to the Cambridge Roundabout, the route is intended as part of an eventual borough-wide network of active travel routes. As well as connecting to the stations, it will link to the cycle lanes along Green Lanes, to the Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood and to Arnos Park and Broomfield Park. And, of course, it will enable a multitude of active travel journeys using the new infrastructure as part of the route.

active travel routes route options

active travel routes possible design features

active travel routes route options

Slides displayed during the webinar on 17th April, showing route options and possible features:

  • quiet mixed traffic streets
  • segregated cycle track
  • rain gardens
  • crossings
  • wayfinding

The map included in the webinar showed an alternative route through Arnos Park as a dotted line.

This early stage work is entirely financed by Transport for London. Progressing to more detailed design work and consultation will be dependent on further funding becoming available.

During a webinar held on Monday evening, Richard Eason from Journeys & Places said that whether or not segregated cycling infrastructure is needed will depend on traffic levels and speeds along particular sections of the route.

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