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final new ward boundaries in palmers green area 700pxThe new wards in the Palmers Green area that we will be electing councillors for

Since the 2018 elections wards have been redrawn across the borough and it's difficult to predict quite how this will influence the future make-up of the council. The post-May 2022 Palmers Green ward - with only two councillors rather than three - looks very different from the current PG ward.


Candidates in and around Palmers Green

Arnos Grove (2 councillors)

  • Chris Bushill (Liberal Democrat)
  • Joan Bushill (Liberal Democrat)
  • Rodney Campbell (Green)
  • Adrian Grumi (Conservative)
  • Nneka Keazor (Labour)
  • Paul Pratt (Conservative)
  • Mahtab Uddin (Labour)

Bowes (2 councillors)

  • Jane Atkinson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Charalambous (Conservative)
  • Ediz Mevlit (Conservative)
  • Gina Needs (Labour)
  • Ahmet Oykener (Labour)
  • Daniel Stachow (Green)
  • Margaret Joan Steel (Liberal Democrat)

Highfield (2 councillors)

  • Jacqueline Campbell (Conservative)
  • Lauren Fulbright (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tim Leaver (Labour)
  • Darya Paun (Liberal Democrat)
  • Nicola Scott (Green)
  • Nia Stevens (Labour)
  • Tolga Suleyman (Conservative)

New Southgate (2 councillors)

  • Josh Abey (Labour)
  • Lee Atkinson (Liberal Democrat)
  • Margaret Brady (Conservative)
  • Anne Margaret Brown (Green)
  • Laura Davenport (Green)
  • Nelly Gyosheva (Labour)
  • Kiran Mistry (Conservative)
  • Laura Monk (Liberal Democrat)

Palmers Green (2 councillors)

  • Nicholas Araujo Haojipateras (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Mutlu Beyzade (Liberal Democrat)
  • Basil Clarke (Green)
  • Ertan Hurer (Conservative)
  • Chris James (Labour)
  • Shyamala Lennon (Conservative)
  • Angela Lewis-Wright (Freedom Alliance)
  • John Brendan Malone (Liberal Democrat)
  • Doug Taylor (Labour)
  • Nicholas John Wall (Green)

Southgate (3 councillors)

  • Harry Devitt Redmond (Labour)
  • Georgie Elliott-Smith (Green)
  • Charith Gunawardena (Green)
  • Christine Hamilton (Labour)
  • Stephanos Ioannou (Conservative)
  • Chris Joannides (Conservative)
  • Richard Mapleston (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sanjay Mazumder (Liberal Democrat)
  • Diana Medlicott (Liberal Democrat)
  • Elisa Morreale (Conservative)
  • Gary Ogin (Labour)
  • Nigel John Watson (Green)

Winchmore Hill (2 councillors)

  • Maria Alexandrou (Conservative)
  • Carl Bayliss (Labour)
  • Lee Chamberlain (Conservative)
  • Matt McLaren (Liberal Democrat)
  • Jonathan Molloy (Green)
  • Mark Quinn (Labour)
  • Andy Stainton (Liberal Democrat)

Find out more about the parties, their policies and their candidates

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