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Below are the election results for the radically reconfigured Palmers Green ward (smaller and shifted westwards) and the six other wards that surround it.

Across the borough, Labour won 38 seats and the Conservatives 25 - compared to 2018 this is eight fewer for Labour and eight more for the Conservatives.

For analysis of the Enfield results see this report on the Enfield Dispatch website.

For analysis of results in all London boroughs, see this report on the OnLondon website.

Palmers Green (2)

Nicholas Araujo Haojipateras (TUSC) 44
Mutlu Beyzade (Liberal Democrat) 346
Basil Thomas Clarke (Green) 340
Ertan Hurer (Conservative) 783
Chris James (Labour) 1511
Shyamala Lennon (Conservative) 862
Angela Lewis-Wright (Freedom Alliance) 47
John Brendan Malone (Liberal Democrat) 407
Doug Taylor (Labour) 1433
Nicholas John Wall (Green) 322
Turnout 43.13%  

Arnos Grove (2)

Chris Bushill (Liberal Democrat) 464
Joan Bushill (Liberal Democrat) 504
Rodney Campbell (Green) 323
Adrian Grumi (Conservative) 1296
Nneka Keazor (Labour) 982
Paul Pratt (Conservative) 1295
Mahtab Uddin (Labour) 846
Turnout: 46.99%  

Bowes (2)

Jane Atkinson (Liberal Democrat) 241
Peter Charalambous (Conservative) 746
Ediz Mevlit (Conservative) 721
Gina Needs (Labour) 1139
Ahmet Oykener (Labour) 1082
Daniel Szymon Stachow (Green) 301
Margaret Joan Steel (Liberal Democrat) 180
Turnout 32.97%  

Highfield (2)

Jacqueline Campbell (Conservative) 931
Lauren Fulbright (Liberal Democrat) 328
Tim Leaver (Labour) 1048
Darya Paun (Liberal Democrat) 258
Nicola Rose Scott (Green) 248
Nia Stevens (Labour) 960
Tolga Suleyman (Conservative) 810
Turnout 35.47%  

New Southgate (2)

Josh Abey (Labour) 1541
Lee Atkinson (Liberal Democrat) 294
Margaret Brady (Conservative) 821
Anne Margaret Brown (Green) 309
Laura Davenport (Green) 491
Nelly Gyosheva (Labour) 1419
Kiran Mistry (Conservative) 812
Laura Monk (Liberal Democrat) 273
Turnout 40.65%  

Southgate (3)

Harry Devitt Redmond (Labour) 1340
Georgie Elliott-Smith (Green) 1097
Charith Gunawardena (Green) 1268
Christine Hamilton (Labour) 1365
Stephanos Ioannou (Conservative) 1915
Chris Joannides (Conservative) 1751
Richard Mapleston (Liberal Democrat) 342
Sanjay Mazumder (Liberal Democrat) 317
Diana Medlicott (Liberal Democrat) 293
Elisa Morreale (Conservative) 1654
Gary Ogin (Labour) 1183
Nigel John Watson (Green) 840
Turnout 44.46%  

Winchmore Hill (2)

Carl Bayliss (Labour) 996
Lee Chamberlain (Conservative) 1725
Matt McLaren (Liberal Democrat) 483
Jonathan Molloy (Green) 470
Mark Quinn (Labour) 948
Andy Stainton (Liberal Democrat) 420
Maria Alexandrou (Conservative) 1899
Turnout 47.77%  

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Darren Edgar's Avatar
Darren Edgar posted a reply #6443 12 May 2022 10:34
Great to see Doug hold PG, felt like he was being shunted/demoted there, and good swings to Green elsewhere especially Southgate.
Adrian Day's Avatar
Adrian Day posted a reply #6445 12 May 2022 10:58
Agree. Also good to see the 'single issue' anti-LTN candidates fail to get any seats. The claim that only a tiny minority want LTNs is shown to be a lie - both the wards covering the biggest area of the two new LTNS, New Southgate and Palmers Green rejected the Conservatives (who promised to remove them).
Ediz Mevlitt's Avatar
Ediz Mevlitt posted a reply #6450 19 May 2022 08:48
Actually I’m in process of obtaining thousands of signatures in the Bowes ward who are against the LTN …. I will present it to the council and Bambos. Please stop poisoning our families so advocates get quiet roads at our expense…. Thanks
Ediz Mevlitt's Avatar
Ediz Mevlitt posted a reply #6451 19 May 2022 08:50
How’s your quiet road Adrian? Did you hear about the 3 year old child struggling to breathe now so you self gain ? Does that child deserve less because he lives on a boundary road ?