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Ahead of next months's general election, Enfield Dispatch, Enfield Climate Action Forum and LocalMotion Enfield are joining forces to run online hustings focussing on three of the most pressing issues that the next government has to tackle: the housing crisis, the cost of living and, last but certainly not least, climate change.

Though these subjects are not those attracting the greatest attention in the national media, they are vitally important. Unless the next government takes sufficient action to improve matters, it's difficult to see how we could continue to regard the UK as among the world's most civilised countries when there are so many people whose lives are being made miserable because they are homeless or living in substandard or inadequate housing, or because they cannot afford the basics of a secure life. And unless stronger measures are taken to stave off disastrous climate change, all of us, and our children, will suffer.

202407 general election hustings

Enfield Climate Action Forum together with LocalMotion and supported by the Enfield Despatch are holding a general election hustings in each of the three constituencies in Enfield borough.

This is an important election and collectively, we are concerned about the housing crisis, the rising cost of living crisis and the environment. This will be the main focus of the hustings.

Edmonton &
W'more Hill

27th June,7pm - 9pm


Southgate &
Wood Green

28th June, 7pm - 9pm



1st July, 7pm - 9pm


Submit questions to be put to the candidates

Members of the community are invited to submit questions to the parliamentary candidates on the themes of housing, the cost of living and the climate emergency. Questions will be selected and asked of all the parliamentary candidates at hustings webinars held on June 27th (Edmonton and Winchmore Hill), June 28th (Southgate and Wood Green) and Enfield North (July 1st)

Click here to submit a question

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