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20 March 2019

The London Living Streets group has been working with Transport for London to introduce a programme of crossing retimings that will make it easier and safer to cross the street - one crossing on the priority list is in Palmers Green. A new Living Streets group launches in Wood Green on 24th March.

19 March 2019

Newly published traffic count data for a second residential street in the Fox Lane neighbourhood confirms what its residents know only too well - that up to 400 vehicles an hour are using it as a cut-through and that, even though the street is short and has a sharp bend, there is widespread disregard for the speed limit.

06 March 2019

A photograph taken on 26th February shows pedestrians, including a mothers with a baby buggy, forced to walk in the road because the pavements outside KFC in Palmers Green were completely blocked by illegally parked cars.

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05 March 2019

Traffic count data recently published on the Cycle Enfield website gives a clear picture of the sheer amount of traffic using residential streets in the Fox Lane neighbourhood and of the prevalence of speeding. The data was collected prior to the start of the phased installation of planters partially blocking the ends of many of the roads that intersect with Fox Lane and will be compared with data to be collected later this month and then after the installation of all elements of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood scheme.

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02 March 2019

Enfield Council's deputy leader has defended the borough's cycle lanes schemes against accusations of discrimination made by a charity that supports blind and partially sighted people.

25 February 2019

Traffic count data for Grovelands Road collected during a week in December 2018 has provided hard evidence about the large amount of traffic using this residential street and the number of drivers who are breaking the 30mph speed limit. Every day some 1,300 vehicles used the road. Nine people were recorded driving at more than 50mph, including three who were doing more than 60mph. The highest speed recorded was 70.4mph.

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10 February 2019

In response to a petition from residents, Enfield Council is consulting on proposals for a controlled parking zone which would take in the whole of Osborne Road and Windsor Road, N13.

06 February 2019

Clare Rogers of Better Streets for Enfield reports back from a seminar on the low traffic neighbourhoods concept hosted by the Urban Design Group and London Living Streets.

04 February 2019

An update on the (so far very slow) progress of the Fox Lane 'quieter neighbourhoods' scheme has been published on the Cycle Enfield website.

29 January 2019

Enfield Council is consulting on revised proposals for a controlled parking zone in Bowes ward, to the west of Green Lanes.

20 January 2019

The First and Last Mile - the Dynamic of Everyday Journeys is based on research into how 850 regular commuters are able to incorporate active travel into their journeys to and from work. It focuses on the benefits that might be secured if people switched from car travel to public transport and used more active travel modes for the journey to and from the railway station or bus stop - making the most of the 'first and last' mile of their daily journey.

16 December 2018

This week’s Enfield Independent carried a traffic regulation notice from TfL stating that cycle improvements works (unspecified) on the A406 would result in eastbound traffic being diverted along Powys Lane, Aldermans Hill and Green Lanes and eastbound traffic via Green Lanes, Aldermans Hill, Powys Lane and Wilmer Way at unspecified times from 5 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

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04 December 2018

The draft minutes of the Winchmore Hill ward forum held on 2nd November are now on the council website.

06 November 2018

Updated publicity issued by Cycle Enfield shows the definitive design of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood measures

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26 October 2018

At the Winchmore Hill ward forum on 2nd November there will be presentations on the Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood and from the Save the Intimate Theatre campaign.

17 October 2018

Last week the Metropolitan Police were on Bourne Hill and The Bourne to carry out an operation designed to dissuade drivers from failing to pay due care and attention to people riding bicycles. Clare Rodgers was with them and reports what happened.

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09 October 2018

Enfield Council is to go ahead with implementation of their November 2017 proposals for the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood, though with some modifications.

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22 August 2018

Following consideration of responses to statutory consultation, Enfield Council will be implementing an amended version of its proposals for the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood. It will also be going ahead with measures to provide safer access to the Salmons Brook Quietway from the A105 at Bush Hill Parade.

28 July 2018

In the second of the Citizen's Eye series of video interview, Francis Sealey of Enfield Voices and GlobalNet21 talks to Clare Rogers about the genesis of the Better Streets for Enfield campaign.

22 July 2018

London’s first ever walking and cycling commissioner, Will Norman, has unveiled the capital’s first Walking Action Plan. It sets out how London will become a city where walking, for those that can, is the most obvious, enjoyable and attractive means of travel for all short trips.