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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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Help for hunger poster

"Requests are coming in thick and fast, much larger numbers than last year. If you want to contribute but can't afford the cost of a full hamper, please give whatever you can, nothing is too big or small."

Rosie Hurndall, founder of the Help for Hunger campaign

This threatens to be a bleak winter for many people, what with the high cost of food and even higher cost of heating. But at least, thanks to people like Rosie Hurndall, some local families will have a little cheer at Christmas, in the shape of a hamper packed with essential food and gifts for everyone.

Rosie, a mother of four and Palmers Green resident, set up Help for Hunger three Christmases ago. The first year she and her team of volunteers sent out 30 hampers, by Christmas 2021 this had grown to just under 600. This year there will be still more - the target is 900 - because the need is so much greater.

christmas hamper contents spread out on the floor at the intimate theatre

Processing so many food hampers takes a great deal of space and people power. Fortunately, people have joined Rosie's team of volunteers and St Monica's church loans out its Large Hall (Intimate Theatre) for a whole week each December - the campaign's website has photos from last year showing almost every inch of floorspace in use.

How you can help

Donors can help by providing items for hampers, by making up a whole hamper for a specified family or individual - this year, Rosie says, the team is short of hampers for single males - or by donating money. The hamper creation process is carefully personalised, so if you want to supply food or presents, you should first look at her website and get in touch with Rosie - contact details below.

There are two dates when you can drop off supplies at St Monica's - Sunday 4th or Wednesday 7th December.

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