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Enfield Council has posted updated information about waste collection services on its Facebook page. In summary:

  • Barrowell Green recycling centre remains closed
  • All four household waste collection services are continuing
  • To cope with extra waste generated during the crisis, street cleaning teams will collect bags of "side waste" - up to two additional sacks per collection
  • Avoid big "clear-outs" and do not put out large items
  • Double-bag potentially contaminated items.

The full text is below.

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Update from Enfield Council on waste collections during the Coronavirus outbreak

Enfield Council officers are working hard to provide the best possible service during the coronavirus outbreak. Waste and recycling crews are designated as essential front-line workers during the crisis.

In common with other London boroughs, Enfield Council has decided to temporarily close the communal recycling facility - Barrowell Green Recycling Centre- because of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, at a time when some other London boroughs are reducing their waste collection services, Enfield Council is maintaining a full service to the residents in our borough.

This means we are providing four collection services covering: general waste, dry recycling, food waste and garden waste.

You can find details of all our refuse and recycling services on our website You can also use the online look-up calendar to check your collection day, using your address’ postcode.

As a result of the Government’s stay at home guidance, households in our borough are producing approximately 15% more waste than normal.

Consequently, we have reviewed our waste collection arrangements and have decided to put in place measures to address the additional waste being generated during this exceptional period.

To address the ‘side waste’ being put out, Enfield Council is using its street cleansing teams to support our refuse crews. That means we are temporarily adopting a ‘clear all’ policy and will collect bags of ‘side waste’ put out by households.

Our work force is currently down by 17% due to general absences and the impact of coronavirus. This is putting incredible amounts of pressure on our front-line teams. Enfield residents can help by trying hard to minimise the amount of rubbish, recycling and food waste produced.

• No more than two additional sacks on each collection should be put out.

• Avoid doing big clear-outs while at home. Hold onto large items such as furniture, mattresses etc. until the virus outbreak has subsided.

• Any potentially infected items such as used tissues or cleaning cloths should be placed in separate plastic bags and double-bagged them. These bags should be put aside for at least three days before being put in your wheeled bin.

Keeping our Council officers safe is a top priority. We have already made personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable gloves, overalls and aprons, face masks, hand sanitiser and disposable wipes available. We are also sanitising the inside of our vehicles on a daily basis and our crews are being asked to spend the minimum time in refuse trucks.

Enfield Council is working hard to make it as easy as possible for residents to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak.


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