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haringey streets for people creating safer cleaner and quieter neighbourhoods

The third new low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in Haringey borough comes into force on a trial basis on 1st November. The Bruce Grove West Green LTN extends from Turnpike Lane station in the west to Tottenham High Road in the east. It is designed to prevent drivers cutting through side roads.

The LTN is divided into two areas, A and B, by Downhills Road/Belmont Road, which drivers will still be able to use as a through north-south route between Lordship Lane and West Green Road. The traffic filters used to create the scheme will be a mixture of camera-controlled points (including some "bus gates") and physical barriers.

The introduction of the new LTN follows the launch in August of the Bounds Green LTN and St Anns LTN. Like both of those, it will incorporate a carefully devised system of exemptions allowing particular classes of vehicle and particular individuals with special requirements to drive past specified camera-controlled filters.

Exemptions in Haringey LTNs

We are launching our new Bruce Grove West Green low traffic neighbourhood trial on 1 November as part of our Haringey Streets for People programme.

If you are the holder of a Blue Badge issued by Haringey Council and live inside or on the immediate boundary of the LTN, you can apply for an exemption for one vehicle. This vehicle does not need to be registered to the Blue Badge holder’s own address or owned or driven by them.

If you live outside of the LTN, but feel you need access and meet our criteria, then you can apply for an exemption through our individual circumstance category.  This exemption applies to those with or without a Blue Badge.

See more information on the criteria and how to apply for an exemption for the Bruce Grove West Green LTN and similar schemes in Bounds Green and St Ann’s.

Source: Haringey People News Extra 21 October 2022

Outline information about the Bruce Grove West Green LTN has been published on the Haringey Council website. The page includes links to more detailed descriptions, including an information leaflet with maps (the source of the two maps below) and the detailed report that was presented to Haringey's cabinet in December.

bruce grove west green ltn area a map 700pxClick on the map to enlarge

bruce grove west green ltn area b map

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Darren Edgar's Avatar
Darren Edgar posted a reply #6634 27 Oct 2022 11:29
Wonder if this will be paused pending the result of Tuesday's court case against Enfield....?