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Healthy Streets

Women cyclists call for freedom to ride without fear of injury or abuse

05 March 2024

Women from Palmers Green were among more than a thousand participants in last Sunday's Women's Freedom Ride, organised by the London Cycling Campaign as part of a campaign calling on the Mayor of London, Metropolitan Police and London boroughs to take stronger measures so that women can cycle on London's road without facing the levels of danger and abuse that they do currently.

Getting around the clean, green way: hear from parents determined to make streets safer for their kids (and all of us)

14 February 2024

At their open online meeting next Tuesday, Better Streets for Enfield's special guest will be the founder of Mum's for Lungs. We'll also hear about the big women's cycle ride around central London that's coming up on 3rd March and how you can get to the ride safely from Enfield and Palmers Green, thanks to trained ride marshals from Enfield Cycling Campaign and Edmonton-based London Cycling Club.

Further information and more time to comment on proposed PG to Pymmes active travel route

07 June 2023

Enfield Council's Journeys & Places team has published more information and extended the deadline for submitting comments on its proposals for the Old Park Road to Pymmes Park Walking and Cyling Route. The new deadline is midnight on Sunday 18th June. An online event will be held on Wednesday 14 June at 6pm.

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Pedalling off the pud!

30 December 2022

On the Tuesday after Christmas eighty plus people, young and not so young, responded to an invitation to 'work off the Christmas pud' by taking part in a community bike ride around traffic calmed streets in Bounds Green and Bowes.

High Court judge dismisses legal challenges to Fox Lane LTN

16 November 2022

In a written judgement issued on 9th November, a High Court judge has dismissed legal challenges against the traffic orders issued by Enfield Council to implement the low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme in the Fox Lane quieter neighbourhood.

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Haringey's next LTN comes into force on 1st November

21 October 2022

The third new low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in Haringey borough comes into force on a trial basis on 1st November. The Bruce Grove West Green LTN extends from Turnpike Lane station in the west to Tottenham High Road in the east. It is designed to prevent drivers cutting through side roads.

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Stonard Road traffic reduction measures under review

13 September 2022

Following 'mixed' feedback from residents, Enfield Council have removed the 'point no entry' scheme in Stonard Road. A review of options for the locality is to be carried out and a new consultation is anticipated before the end of the year.

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Haringey to launch second new LTN next week

17 August 2022

Hot on the heels of the launch this week of their first new-generation low-traffic neighbourhood, in Bounds Green, trial operation of a second Haringey LTN is due to begin on Monday 22nd August. The St Ann's LTN will stretch between Green Lanes (Harringay) in the west as far east as Seven Sisters underground station and will be bounded to the north by West Green Road and to the south by St Ann's Road and the easternmost stretch of Seven Sisters Road.

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More details of Bounds Green LTN exemption criteria

15 August 2022

More details are available about the Individual Circumstance Exemptions that can be applied for and will allow vehicles to drive past camera-controlled filter points in the Bounds Green low-traffic neighbourhood and the two other LTNs that Haringey Council is introducing in the near future.

Bounds Green low-traffic neighbourhood scheme to start on Monday

10 August 2022

Haringey Council has announced that the low-traffic neighbourhood in Bounds Green will start trial operation on Monday 15th August. The scheme uses a mix of camera-controlled 'filters' and filters created by bollards or other physical barriers that will prevent cars and lorries passing through without hindering pedestrians, wheelchair users or cyclists. Vehicles in certain categories will be exempt from the prohibition of passing camera-controlled filters.

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Improving Enfield Town: Updated plans revealed

31 July 2022

Enfield Council has published an updated version of the Enfield Town Improvement Plan, which it hopes to carry out in 2024, depending on the outcome of statutory consultation in 2023. A new phase of public engagement is now under way between now and 25th September, seeking views on how well the plan meets the design principles, asking for ideas about a proposed sensory garden, and including a competition for the best suggested name of a new public square. The changes are designed to make Enfield Town more people-friendly, bustling and vibrant and to reduce car use through improvements to arrangements for walking, cycling and using public transport.

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So what is it that really delays the emergency services?

26 April 2022

The newly published results of a study by the environmental charity Possible shows that excessive car use on London's roads causes significant delays to fire engines and ambulances and is likely to contribute to deaths of patients. The researchers took advantage of the huge drops in traffic during the 2020 lockdowns to compare emergency service response times during these periods with response times and before and since. During lockdowns response times fell dramatically, particularly for inner London fire stations. The research does not support claims that cycle lanes and low-traffic neighbourhoods cause delays to emergency services.

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Green light for Bounds Green LTN

08 December 2021

At its meeting on Tuesday evening Haringey's Cabinet approved the creation of the borough's first three low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs). Work on the first to be built, Bounds Green LTN, will begin in early 2022.

Enfield Town to Broxbourne walking and cycling route - meet the design team

03 December 2021

Enfield Council's Healthy Streets Team are inviting residents to two community drop-in sessions and a Microsoft Teams webinar to discuss their plans for a new walking and cycling route between Enfield Town and the boundary with Broxbourne Borough adjacent to Capel Manor and the M25. Broxbourne Council is planning to continue the route further north.

Much to discuss at Palmers Green ward's first forum for 22 months

01 December 2021

Notes from the 23rd November meeting of Palmers Green ward forum, the first since January 2020. Issues discussed included: the one-way system in Windsor Road, Osborne Road, Lightcliffe Road and New River Crescent; continuing failure to stop dangerous rat-running at the bottom of Hazelwood Lane; and consultation on a controlled parking zone.

A Tale of Two Minutes

24 November 2021

Residents of some Enfield wards - I'm looking at you, Palmers Green councillors! - would be grateful if they had more than a few hours notice of upcoming ward forums, while minutes of previous meetings would be looked upon as a wholly unrealistic luxury, but the Winchmore Hill ward forum has always been exemplary in both respects. This week it has outdone itself by publishing not one, but two versions of the minutes of its most recent meeting, on 4th November.

Anti-LTN campaigners march through PG

24 November 2021

The size of Saturday's well organised and well behaved march shows what was already clear - that there is substantial opposition to the Fox Lane scheme, though it proves nothing about the overall balance of opinion among residents or about whether on balance the effects of the LTN are beneficial or harmful. It's also clear that there is a widespread view that Enfield Council is not listening to people's complaints about the LTN. Instead of just saying that all comments will be taken into account, the council would do well to be more ready to acknowledge people's genuine concerns, and to engage more readily about potential ways of mitigating problems.

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New chance to comment on Fox Lane LTN

09 November 2021

Following further collection of traffic data during September, after the return to school, Enfield Council is inviting further objections and representations about the low-traffic neighbourhood scheme in the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood. The deadline for submitting comments (by post or email) is 11th January 2022.

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Hazelwood Lane to get a school street, but a more radical solution to its traffic problems isn't imminent

07 November 2021

Enfield's Council's deputy leader has revealed that a school street scheme will be installed outside Hazelwood Primary and should be in force by May. However, phase 2 of the Connaught Gardens LTN, which would solve chronic problems further along Hazelwood Lane, remains a more distant prospect.

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A new opportunity to comment on the Bowes LTN trial

01 November 2021

Enfield Council is inviting 'final comments' on the low-traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trial in the west of Bowes ward - formally referred to as the Bowes Primary Area Quieter Neighbourhood. Comments must be made by email or post and the deadline is 21st November.