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pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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PGC People

These are our Members.  People interested in contributing to the Palmers Green Community, eg by participating in community groups, helping organise events or contributing to Forum discussions about improving life in Palmers Green.

Palmers Green Community has 755 registered members

Search criteria

Greener spaces with a vibrant family-friendly community.
art, technology, walking, socialising
Connaught Gardens traffic restriction proposals.
Sonia Antoniazzi
Community events
Planning & Development
Dogs, Cats
Friends of Broomfield Park ( Treasurer ) , Broomfield House Trust Committee member
Starting a supported living Accommodation
Art, Art Spaces, Events, charity, community, artists
Theatre - sport(tennis,golf)
Jeni Barker
Pedestrian friendly environments
Broomfield Park
Local history
local news but concern about all these bus diversions because of these cycle lanes,which seem never ending.
I have never known roadworks to take this amount of time it is very depressing
The local community
Film and TV
Local History
Sue Beard
I run and write for the Palmers Green Jewel in the North website, about people, history, memory and community.
Otherwise, my interests are books, music, history especially London history, green issues, gardening, antiques and junk, wandering around and staring out of the window..
Environment, pollution
Working with children and adults with sensory difficulties.
Community Activities, Quiet neighbourhood schemes, new development in the PG area.
I am the community champion in morrisons palmers green I have signed up so i can find out more about the area of palmers green, the local events that happen and also find out in what way Morrisons Palmers green can support the local community.
Dancing,scuba diving,skiing/snowboarding
I live locally and practice as a holistic therapist. I help people using Homeopathy and Natural Nutrition. I am interested in the local community and contribute in many ways.
Heathcare, politics, art, walking, dogs, food.
local affairs
Visual Art, teaching, local community groups, Ice Hockey, crafts
Music, books, cooking, crafts, festivals
Local history
local history
Drama Reading markets and fairs
I am a Geography A Level student and interested in the conservation area, and changes to the cultural landscape in Palmers Green. I am currently conducting a survey on some of these changes and am keen to get responses from this community
Run a North London social & activities group. Live near Ally Pally. Interested in many things that might interest myself & my members - music, walks, films, discussions, parks and many more.
local events and activities
many and various
Socialist politics Stand up to Racism and Fascism SUTR
Theatre/ drama workshops
Tottenham Theatre
Karen Briggs
Personal trainer in Palmer's Green. Part of Palmer's Green Action Team so, obviously I love removing stickers from shop fronts and picking cigarette ends out of flowerbeds. Gin
Health, Wellbeing, Business Start Ups, Coaching, Dining, Days Out
Siobhan Cardel
Craft Music Dogs friends coffee
screen writing
pubs, restaurants, cinema, walking, travel
Music, singing, theatre, film/ cinema, history, local history, community events, volunteering, walking, running, badminton
Family life, amenities, community events, safety
Attending part time local courses (WEA), church, reading, television, international and local affairs, family, Pilates.
I am the MP so, everything that's happening in Palmers Green.
Local information concerning the Enfield Southgate constituency
Particularly interested in daytime activities. Like history, good health activities and walking groups. Also interested in craft hobbies and activities.
Activities in Broomfield park
Basil Clarke
Acting, music (blues, jazz, African, classical), walking, exploring London
Beginners Art
Theatre Trips
Meals Out
John Cogger
The local community not only Palmers green but the whole of the borough of Enfield
Gardening, cinema, live music - anything about our local community
Parks gardens planning
local resident to Broomfield Park
the environment
Topaz Consulting
Gardening, wildlife, Broomfield Park, dogs, community, education, art, entrepreneurship, markets, cafes, good food, wine, live music, pets,
Healthy lifestyle, community, staying active, personal development, live entertainment.
History, archaeology, crafts, retro stuff.
The Fox pub!
Family activities
Local history
community affairs
Age 80 years - Born in Palmers Green 1942, Lived in Southgate since 1980.
Former medical equipment designer, interests span computer graphics, development of a variety of scientific devices and apparatus, love of nature and ecclesiatical music, regular cyclist, member of Southgate Green Association.
Arnos swimming pool.
Bus stops
Parks and green spaces, wildlife, prevention of litter, walking and fitness, community cohesion
Dress making
history; gardening;books
Drawing Painting Printmaking
Conservation, history, architecture, local events/activities, the environment
Matt Dede
Football, Arsenal, eating out, Spending time with friends and family, holidays, accounting, tax,
Walking, swimming, gardening, family, friends, theatre, reading, cinema, eating out, cooking
bikes work environment
Local community.
Practising visual artist - all media and disciplines.
Ex teacher
The arts
Learning languages
Everton FC!