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More details are available about the Individual Circumstance Exemptions that can be applied for and will allow vehicles to drive past camera-controlled filter points in the Bounds Green low-traffic neighbourhood and the two other LTNs that Haringey Council is introducing in the near future.

The following are eligible for individual circumstance exemptions, subject to submission of appropriate evidence and justification:

  1. A person, or person with a child, with a condition that means sitting in a car or a re-routed journey causes overwhelming psychological distress
  2. A person, or person with a child, with a chronic health condition that makes sitting in a car very difficult
  3. A professional carer whose ability to transport a care recipient in a car or directly assist them with their care needs is significantly impaired by an LTN
  4. An organisation that solely transports people with access or disability needs.

Source: Haringey Council website

More information about the scope of othese exemptions (in some cases, people might be allowed to drive pass a specified filter point, rather than all filter points), eligibility and right of appeal is available at

These individual circumstance exemptions are on top of the general exemptions for particular categories of vehicle.

It's not explictly stated, but presumably residents in other boroughs, including Enfield, will be able to apply if they meet the eligibility criteria. So, for instance, they might be able to drive past Haringey camera-controlled points to access the Bowes LTN from Wood Green or Bounds Green (but would still be subject to Enfield rules if, for instance, they wanted to drive past the Warwick Road filter point).

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