pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
pgc all green working and signpost with lettering new colour 2
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bounds green ltn 3 areas new design

Haringey Council's Streets for People team have announced that the low-traffic neighbourhood in Bounds Green will start trial operation on Monday 15th August. The team has published new and clearer maps of the scheme (see below), which is split into three areas. Through traffic will still be able to use Bounds Green Road and Brownlow Road. The scheme, which is integrated with Enfield Council's existing Bowes LTN, uses a mix of camera-controlled "filters" and filters created by bollards or other physical barriers that will prevent cars and lorries passing through without hindering pedestrians, wheelchair users or cyclists.

Vehicles in certain categories will be exempt from the prohibition of passing camera-controlled filters, as shown in the box below.


Following extensive engagement and research, the council has developed a Low Traffic Neighbourhood Exemptions Criteria and Application Process. This provides exemptions for:

  • emergency service vehicles
  • council refuse and cleaning vehicles
  • Blue Badge holders living within or on the immediate boundary of an LTN (one vehicle can be nominated which doesn’t need to be
  • registered at the address of the Blue Badge holder)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) transport
  • Haringey Council services and commissioned services transporting people with a disability and Transport for London’s Dial-a-Ride service any other vehicles required for urgent safety matters with the permission of the Council
  • individual circumstance exemptions

For full details and larger versions of the maps, visit the Haringey Council website.

bounds green ltn area a new design

bounds green ltn area b new design

bounds green ltn area c new design

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Darren Edgar posted a reply
10 Aug 2022 17:11
Should help Spencer Avenue immeasurably. It's been suffering as the bottom rung of the current half LTN ladder.
Peter Rust posted a reply
12 Aug 2022 14:20
Thank heavens council employees will be able to ignore the restrictions. Why should they suffer too.