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London Assembly Enfield & Haringey constituency climate hustings

10 April 2024

Quentin Given from Friends of the Earth reports on this week's climate hustings, held in Wood Green, to which four of the candidates for the post of Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey were invited.

Safer roads campaigners ask: Where's the Plan for Pedestrians?

23 March 2024

The 20's Plenty for Us campaign has published its response to recently issued government guidance on setting local speed limits, accusing the Department for Transport of misrepresenting data on pedestrian fatalities when hit by a vehicle travelling at speeds between 20 and 30mph. The 'Plan for Drivers', it says, will discriminate against pedestrians, cyclists, children, the elderly and the disabled.

Women cyclists call for freedom to ride without fear of injury or abuse

05 March 2024

Women from Palmers Green were among more than a thousand participants in last Sunday's Women's Freedom Ride, organised by the London Cycling Campaign as part of a campaign calling on the Mayor of London, Metropolitan Police and London boroughs to take stronger measures so that women can cycle on London's road without facing the levels of danger and abuse that they do currently.

Delivering the Mayor of London's transport strategy in Enfield

28 February 2024

Transport for London has allocated just over £3.8m to Enfield Council in 2024/25 to fund projects which will help deliver the Mayor of London's ambitions for improvements in road safety and better conditions for walking and cycling.

Getting around the clean, green way: hear from parents determined to make streets safer for their kids (and all of us)

14 February 2024

At their open online meeting next Tuesday, Better Streets for Enfield's special guest will be the founder of Mum's for Lungs. We'll also hear about the big women's cycle ride around central London that's coming up on 3rd March and how you can get to the ride safely from Enfield and Palmers Green, thanks to trained ride marshals from Enfield Cycling Campaign and Edmonton-based London Cycling Club.

Enfield Town Liveable Neighbourhood: construction of phase 1 scheduled for this summer

13 February 2024

Enfield Council's 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' project for improvements to the public realm in Enfield Town has already progressed through four stages of public engagement since 2019, designed to find out people's views and improve the design. Funding is now in place for phase 1 - covering the north western corner of the scheme - and the statutory consultation period has begun, running until 3rd March.

Council publishes proposals for Bowes East and Edmonton Green quieter neighbourhoods

24 January 2024

Projects to create two new Quieter Neighbourhoods - Bowes East and Edmonton Green - have now progressed to the second phase of community engagement, which runs until 11th February. The council has now developed specific proposals designed to deter or prevent drivers from cutting through the two areas, which will thus become more peaceful for people living within the area and safer and pleasanter for people using the streets on foot or on bikes, or stopping to talk to neighbours.

Survey reveals the shocking hostile environment facing women cyclists in London

17 January 2024

A new survey has revealed the shocking level of abuse and aggression shown towards women cyclists in London by other road users. The group that commissioned it, London Cycling Campaign, say this is a prime reason why, compared to men, so few women use this inexpensive and environmentally friendly method of transport.

Out of control!

20 December 2023

Images of two crashes in Palmers Green this week. How can we put an end to reckless driving? Why is it not at the top of the police's priorities? Why do magistrates award such lenient sentences to people who endanger the public?

Council publishes draft local plan 2024 - 2041

06 December 2023

Enfield Council has today published the draft version of its proposed Local Plan for the period 2024 to 2041. There now follows a 13-week period during which councillors will be able to discuss the draft with residents before it is formally put to the vote at a full council meeting on 6th March. The revised draft retains controversial proposals for extensive housebuilding on Green Belt land.

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Borough's most dangerous junctions revealed

15 November 2023

New research methodology has identified the junctions in Enfield and other London boroughs which are the most hazardous for vulnerable road users: walkers, wheelers and cyclists.

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Council-owned energy company to answer criticisms of borough-wide heat network plans

11 October 2023

Enfield Over 50s Forum is inviting both members and non-members to a meeting on 31st October when the head of stakeholder engagement at the council-owned firm Energetik will be defending her employer's project to build a district heating network against criticism from a number of angles.

Public meetings put dealing with car meets and boy racers on the agenda

11 October 2023

Two recent public meetings have raised the profile of complaints about car 'meets', 'boy racers' and speeding on the A10 and elsewhere. They have already led to some action being taken, but do the police and council have the resources and powers (and determination) required to resolve this longstanding issue?

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Free half-term cycle training

05 October 2023

Journeys and Places are offering FREE half term holiday cycle skills sessions for various age groups this October half term.

Council launches engagement phase for 'Bowes East' quieter neighbourhood

19 September 2023

Enfield Council's Journeys & Places team have launched the initial engagement phase for a proposed 'Bowes East' Quieter Neighbourhood in the southern part of Palmers Green, south of the A406 and east of Green Lanes. A much larger quieter neighbourhood is also proposed for Edmonton.

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Interesting Enfield architecture: a view from the saddle

04 September 2023

On 16th September a fully marshalled bike ride at a leisurely pace will take participants around some of the more interesting architectural sites in Enfield and Haringey.

Wanted: deaf and disabled people to help advise the council on active travel and urban realm projects

09 August 2023

Enfield Council is inviting people to apply to be members of a group being set up to ensure that the views of deaf and disabled people are heard throughout the design phases of projects designed to enable and encourage people to use environmentally sustainable means to make daily journeys, such as school streets, quieter neighbourhoods and walking and cycling routes.

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Ride to market in style with the Family Bike Club

07 August 2023

The Family Bike Club are off to market on Sunday - join them on a leafy ride to Forty Hall. And find out about their ambitious plans for electrification and how you can help.

Time to update fines for parking and moving traffic offences?

02 August 2023

The umbrella body London Councils is reviewing the penalty charges for contravening parking, bus lane and moving traffic regulations in the capital and has launched a public consultation.

Free school holidays cycle training at Winchmore School

15 July 2023

Journeys and Places are offering FREE summer holiday Learn to Ride and Basic Cycle Skills sessions for various age groups from Monday 31st July to Friday 25th August. Sessions will take place at Winchmore Secondary School.