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Everyone's Climbing Tree - described as "magical" by the young people who benefit from its workshops and wonderful encouraging spirit - is working towards raising £10,000 to refurbish and expand its base close to Alexandra Park Station.

ECT, as it's known, is running a fundraising event this coming Sunday, from 3pm to 9pm, featuring its unique mix of events for people of all ages.  You can just drop in or reserve places in workshops online.

For more about ECT, read this article from the Tottenham & Wood Green Independent.

sunday funday april 2017

ECT Fundraiser

Come join us under the shade of the Tree for a Bank Holiday Sunday of hapiness, live music, food and workshops. On this "magic" day we will celebrating the launch of our Crowd Funding Campaign to fund the renovation of our new outdoor space and outbuildings.

Date/Time: April 30th 3-8pm
Place: Everyone's Climbing Tree, 141 Station Road, Wood Green, London N22 7ST
Entry: Free/Donations (Any donations made on the day will be entered into our crowdfunding campaign)
Workshops: Some workshops are limited capacity see event brite page for more details:

Programme on the day:

3-6pm Live Graffiti Art
A collective of Artists supported by veteran community organiser Mousa Amine Sylla will be decorating and blamming the whole space with positivity. There will be opportunities for all ages to try their hand with the spray can and help to colour the derilict space.

3.30-4.30 Yoga Kaatibi with Karema Fahkara
(£7/donations welcome)

Karema is a certified Kemetic Yoga instructor in the Thef Neteru Sema Paut system through Natural Brilliance for life. He has since furthered his Kemetic studies by becoming initiated into the Dogon spiritual system through the Mtam school of Kemetic Spirituality and Philosophy founded by Dogon High Priest Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig.

Kaatibi is the practice of holistic meditation techniques. Techniques such as purification, prayer, chants and yoga exercises. The word Kaatibi comes from the Medu language (often referred to as hieroglyphics) meaning the assessment between the heart and the spirit. This is the same spiritual practice that took place in the temples of Ancient Egypt (Kemet).

4.45-5.30pm Piano and Meditation with Gilly Bean
(£7/donations welcome )
The lovely genius that is Gilly Bean wil be sharing her piano playing to create a musically guided meditation in the Tree. Her intiuitive, jolly and glistening music takes people on a positive journey into relaxation. Previous participants in this workshop have left floating and smiling.
Numbers are limited so book your tickets on here in advance.

5.30-6.15pm Belly Dance with Tahaty
(Donations welcome)
Born in Columbia Tahaty has been dancing since she could walk with a background in salsa, cumbia and traditional latin rhythms. Age eight she moved to spain studying flamenco and fell in love with BellyDance to study in "El Karnak"the oldest and most prestigious Arab dance academy in Madrid. Now in London she is ready to share her knowledge and passion for Bellydance. For more info you can visit her website

6.30-7.30pm African Dance with Papis Koite (Donation Welcome)
Papis Koite is traditional dancer from Griot family Banaya from Dakar Senegal. He has danced with Les Ballet d'Afrique Noir by Mamadou Mansour Gueye, one the of most notable dance groups in Senegal. After only being in the country for a short time he is happy to introduce all to West-African Dance.

7.30pm-8pm Gidde Bille (Performance)
Gidde Bille are a teenage group of advanced African Drummers based in Everyone's Climbing Tree. They are one hardest working, focused and powerful percussion groups in the city. They will be sharing their polyrhythmic fire power and music to shake the vibes into roots of Everyone's Climbing Tree.
Check out the video below for the vibes:

8-8.30pm Cisse Djamba
The Dakar 2 London band will be bringing the African musics to make you dance and smile. Heavy duty hapiness to be shared with all the family straight from Dakar. Lead by Master Drummer Khalifa Conte Cisse Djamba will be making the big sound that will leave your spirits floating, your vibes charged, and your smile wide!!!
Check the vibes and dancing in this video:

To book limited number of tickets for Yoga and Meditation Workshops on the day visit:

Everyone's Climbing Tree has overgrown its current patch and is spreading its roots into outbuildings and a back yard. Over the past 2 years the small ECT team has been clearing tonnes of rubbish and renovating a set of old wooden railway buildings on shoestring.

Now we are at this new stage of development we asking for your help to raise £10'000 to be able to fit a new electric line, fit sound proofing on 4 different spaces, and set a concrete foundation for future plans.

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